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Dental Implants

Sometimes you may find yourself in need of replacing an entire tooth or a few at a time. When that happens, dental implants are a great option to help with the look, feel and function of your smile.


Dental implants have been changing lives for many years. They function just like your natural teeth. They are placed within the bone and bond to the area just like how natural teeth have roots. There is little to no downtime once the procedure is complete and you can carry out your normal daily routine as you normally would. You care for them as you would your natural teeth by flossing and brushing as usual. You can eat what you love again! At Brilliant Dentistry, Dr. Bril provides exceptional dental implant options to patients from all over the country with a specialty in All-On-4 implants and Snap On Dentures and more. To find out what would be best for you, we recommend consulting with our practice to learn more about your options. And rest assured, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact our office to request a consultation at 952-944-2052 and learn how we can help you.

All-On-4 Implants

Snap On Dentures

Dental Implants – Fully Customized

At Brilliant Dentistry, our dental implants are not one size fits all.

At your consultation, we will discuss the best options to help you get your smile back on track. Dental implants often require only a few visits, with temporary implants in place until your permanent ones are created for you. Using advanced technology, you can rest assured your procedure will be a comfortable one in our quiet and calm surgical area with no other patients around. Whether you’ve been told dental implants will not help you or you’d like to gain additional information, we invite you to come see us for a consultation so that we can better assess your dental goals in person. We welcome you to take a look at our smile gallery for some amazing and life-changing before and afters of some of our patients.

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Dr. Bril has extensive training and education when it comes to even the most complex of dental implant and denture cases. As a neuromuscular and cosmetic dental practice in Eden Prairie, MN, patients are able to receive high quality care and a customized treatment plan for a longterm healthy smile.

We understand no one wants to have missing teeth any longer than they have to, but do keep in mind that the longer you go without correcting the teeth, the more problems you may face down the road. Issues like gum disease and decay, possible loss of additional teeth around the missing tooth, problems with your bite, change in facial appearance and much more can present themselves if the problems are not corrected early. Dr. Bril and his team will address your concerns and discuss everything you need to know to make a decision that’s right for you. We hope all patients do their homework when the time comes, and talk to more than one cosmetic dentist to understand their options and ultimately choose the right practice for them.

My whole life I never liked my smile. I have had some previous orthodontic work when younger that removed several teeth to get my teeth straight. Even though they were straight they never looked quite right. I went through many consults with other dentists and orthodontists and they all recommended jaw surgery. Dr. Bril and his team took a unique approach to my situation. They really took the time to figure out what was important to me and how we could best achieve that without surgery. I now have a smile I am extremely confident in. So much Gratitude to Dr. Bril and his team, they completely changed my life.


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Whether you’re just starting your research – which is wonderful – or you’re ready to talk about the possibility of dental implants or denture options, give us a call at 952-944-2052 or email us and find out how we can help you achieve the brilliant life-changing dentistry you deserve.

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